Tools For Your HVAC Services

Tool For Your HVAC services

The HVAC industry is one that requires a wide range of tools for its professionals to work efficiently and safely. The equipment you need depends on where you do your work and the service your business offers.


Hand and safety tools are an essential part of any HVAC technician’s kit, including gloves, which protect your hands from sharp objects or toxic chemicals. Make sure you get a tough-yet-flexible pair that doesn’t restrict your movements.


Every technician needs a set of screwdrivers with a variety of bits for different screw sizes. A multipurpose screwdriver with magnetic Phillips-head and flathead bits is ideal, as is a set of insulated screwdrivers to protect your hands from electrical shock.


A sturdy pair of pliers is another must-have for your team. You can give your technicians needle-nose pliers that grab wires while working on thermostats, or you can provide insulated pliers to hold items in place during cutting and bolting jobs.

Work boots

The work environment of a service tech is often on ladders or in other people’s homes, so it’s a good idea to supply them with a sturdy pair of hard-toed or steel-toed work boots. These boots are an investment, but they will last a lifetime and help protect your service tech’s feet when something heavy falls on them.

Leak detectors

Checking for leaks in an HVAC system is a vital step in ensuring the health and well-being of your customers. Leaks can damage the unit and cause costly damages to the home. A leak detector helps you identify any leaks quickly and effectively so that you can get to work fixing them immediately.